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Wearable Art by Alessandro Cattaneo
Posted by Myriam and Cristina
UNICI Scarf Collection by Alessandro Cattaneo

Alessandro Cattaneo of UNICI is the creator of an exquisite collection of scarves. An artist at heart, each scarf is a work of art, a vehicle of artistic endeavor.

Whimsical patterns framed in splendid colors, and edged by hand, each scarf is more than a fashion accessory! It is more a sort of wearable art; particularly in the way they interact with the person depending on how they are worn.

A Beautiful and Well-made Bag by Valentina Nuzzi
Posted by Myriam and Cristina
Valentina Nuzzi on a train with FedoraMi V Bag

"La borsa bella e ben fatta" -- a beautiful and well-made bag -- is an accessory par excellence whose imprint of elegance is desirable no matter the occasion. Be it a shoulder bag, a hand-held, a shopper or a clutch, what is paramount is that the design, quality and details all fuse to live in perfect harmony.

This perfection, that Italians know all too well, is what compelled us to include the refined creations by Valentina Nuzzi; owner and creative director of the brand FedoraMi within The Italian Collection.

The Power and Elegance of Social Graces
Posted by Myriam and Cristina
African Queen

Many summers ago I was sitting in a quiet corner of a fine dining establishment on the Cote d'Azur called "The African Queen" when four strapping lads sat at a large table set for eight right next to mine. They were noticeably handsome, incredibly well groomed and looked like they had stepped out of a Brioni atelier.

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