The Power and Elegance of Social Graces

Many summers ago I was sitting in a quiet corner of a fine dining establishment on the Cote d’Azur called “The African Queen” when four strapping lads sat at a large table set for eight right next to mine. They were noticeably handsome, incredibly well groomed and looked like they had stepped out of a Brioni atelier.

African Queen

When their equally elegant parents arrived, each of the young men arose from their chairs and in a perfectly gentlemanly manner assisted the ladies in theirs. What a rare, welcome sight to see social graces in action. I felt this surge of blissful comfort and wanted so much to say, “Thank you!”

Flair Magazine

Not long after that unique experience, my partner, Cristina, who lives in Milan, shared an interview that appeared in the reputable Italian publication Flair Magazine. Six journalists declared the coming new year as an age of soft power – whereby soulful elegance beat aggression and advocates of harmony and social grace tended to be more successful.

Audrey Hepburn

At this point you may be wondering, “What do social graces and courtesy have to do with fine Italian fashion?” Well, how we think and how we behave determines how we express ourselves.

Subscribing to soft power, traditional social graces, and elegance in our world, here at The Italian Collection, translates to endorsing traditional style and elegance over fashion and trends.

Cate Blanchett

Audrey Hepburn

It pains us to see the decline of treasured social graces just as it pains us to see the decline of Old World specialty handcraft ateliers.

This is why we have chosen to represent the artisans of soft power here in Italy — artists who operate from the heart, whose innate talents and gifts manifest in gorgeous handmade items that defy time — continuing to give new life to traditional elegance without pandering to trends and becoming commodities.

Pomegranite Necklace

Pomegranate Necklace by Maria V. Albani (MVA)


Embroidered Gold-Plated Metal Cuff by Maria V. Albani (MVA)

Glitter Clutch

Teodora Clutch in Gold Glitter by Valentina Nuzzi

We at The Italian Collection believe that it is in the reinterpretation and rebirth of old ways — the soft power of social graces and timeless fashions — that allow the present to be rendered rich and bountiful. This is why each one of our artisan collections captivates the eye and our sensibilities with their own homage to soft power as they use traditional ways to make their craft and produce results that embody today’s graceful and elegant fashion sense.

So, go forth and embody soft power through your courteous, kind actions and your aura of elegance. It will draw others to you like moths to a flame!


Morbido Throws by Filippo Biagiotti

Come visit our unique emporium – – and engage in soft power!

Myriam and Cristina

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