A Beautiful and Well-made Bag by Valentina Nuzzi

“La borsa bella e ben fatta” — a beautiful and well-made bag — is an accessory par excellence whose imprint of elegance is desirable no matter the occasion. Be it a shoulder bag, a hand-held, a shopper or a clutch, what is paramount is that the design, quality and details all fuse to live in perfect harmony.

This perfection, that Italians know all too well, is what compelled us to include the refined creations by Valentina Nuzzi; owner and creative director of the brand FedoraMi within The Italian Collection.

Each of Valentina’s bags is made with a maniacal attention to detail: from the selection of the highest quality skins, to the hardware, to the trims all sewn by hand, to the finishes in contrasting colors and lined perfectly in Liberty fabric. All this personalized craftsmanship is not happenstance. Valentina is hands on from the beginning to the end of the production chain.

FedoraMi V Bag

FedoraMi V Bag of Python Skin by Valentina Nuzzi

And so we sat down with the founder and creator of FedoraMi to learn how she came to be inspired to make these Made-in-Italy handbags reminiscent of the 1960s.

“La borsa bella e ben fatta” is a concept that Valentina adopted in childhood when playing in her grandmother’s wardrobe. As a grandchild of a beautiful and elegant lady, she could play for hours on end amusing herself with her grandmother’s 1960s wearables. Valentina was particularly fond of the handbags made by the best artisans of the day; objects of legend and desire that would, in time, inform her own aesthetic.

Now, at a mere 30-something, with her long mane of blonde hair and enchanting smile, Valentina’s apparent zest for life is still a child-like a ray of sunshine. Her preferred look may be simple, but it is put together with an impeccable touch: jeans, tailored silk shirt, Converse sneakers…and of course FedoraMi – a unique object that sets her apart.

Valentina Nuzzi in Milan markets

A native of Milan and a woman of the world, Valentina is endowed with oodles of style, and has a personality filled with contrasting points of view: creative, but with a strong entrepreneurial bent, contemporary, but with a passion for vintage, a fast and furious lifestyle, but with a putting, iconic FIAT 500! And to top it off, she has a razor sharp eye for beauty that is the envy of all who come in contact with her.

It was during her years as a student – again we see those personality contrasts – studying the Classics and ending up with a degree in International Marketing – that she begins to toy around with the idea of the “bag project”. With a yearning to discover egged on by an insatiable curiosity, Valentina begins her adventure by going to flea markets in Rome, London, Paris and Los Angeles – all cities she loves – on a mission to find discarded bags of the decade that she holds so dear.

Valentina immerses herself in learning about skins, textiles, and production, and she begins to devour books on design, art and artisanship. She then practically moves in with Milan-based master craftspeople with a clear objective in mind: to bring back to life the bags of the 1960s bestowing on them a contemporary feel and cradling them in the highest quality possible. A challenge certainly, but one that Valentina approaches with all her heart!

FedoraMi Pandora Bag

Pandora Bag in Azure Blue by Valentina Nuzzi

In 2011, the first creations appear: Valora, the doctor’s bag made in deer hide, is perhaps the most labor-intensive piece of the collection. The highly versatile and transformative Ilora, hand-held or worn as a shoulder bag, it is the perfect carry-all companion. And then Isidora, a sophisticated pochette featuring a charming ribbon- shaped closure in metal and worn as a wristlet or across the shoulder.

Many other creations followed, among them Tina, a very pretty cylindrical piece, VBag, the tiny wristlet in exotic python skin or in leather, and the multitasking day to night Teodora clutch.

FedoraMi Tina Bag

Tasseled Tina Bag in Lipstick Red by Valentina Nuzzi

Glitter Clutch

Teodora Clutch in Silver Glitter by Valentina Nuzzi

We at TheItalianCollection.com are honored to be presenting Valentina Nuzzi’s work, which has been featured in highly reputable and prestigious fashion blogs and publications in Europe for its originality, versatility and time-defying élan.

Now we can bring these covetable collectables to the States, and introduce, to our clients, this nascent designer whose zest for life and fine accessories are a testament to inspired style.

Myriam and Cristina

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