Prince Harry so happy to see his soon to be Duchess of Sussex

A ROYAL WEDDING, A FAIRYTALE…an ode to the beautiful and well made…

Many have brought insight into Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding, their big day, a fairytale, but we wanted to add our own unique voice and a different sensitivity to reporting upon this event.

Yes, we’re Italians, but Myriam lived for some time in London, returns often and was even walking the grounds of Windsor Castle a few months before the ceremony.

Windsor Castle, Windsor

Windsor Castle, Windsor

Perhaps this explains why we set our alarms so that we would not miss one minute of the pageantry that the Brits are so good at. They know how to impress with their unwavering observation of traditions and rituals.  Blurry eyed with espresso in hand, together with millions of our closest friends, we waited patiently for the bride and groom to be united at St. George’s Chapel; a magnificent place with its 14th century architectural stamp laden with historical references.

On this morning, for us at The Italian Collection, what stood out was the couples hands on approach to detail.  Their choice of music, selection of speakers, guest list… all of it spoke volumes about their global and common point of view.  Indeed, their unobtrusive inclusivity seemed to jettison the royal House of Windsor into the 21st century beyond class, beyond colour or creed.

Amal and George Clooney among the guests...Photo Credit Odd Anderson

Photo Credit Odd Anderson New York Times Amal and George Clooney among the guests arriving at St George’s Chapel

Of course, we took particular interest in their attention to detail in artistry. We noticed and considered all those folks behind the scenes, unsung heroes if you will, whose dedication, skill, and patience helped bring the pageantry all together.

The florist, Philippa Craddock whose exquisite arrangement of fresh blooms adorning the arch, some of them hand-picked from the royal gardens, left us speechless. The designer, Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy, whose elegant and simple gown in double bonded silk cady, impressed us in design and material that we have no doubt came from one of the silk mills on Lake Como in northern Italy.

An arch adorned with flowers for Meghan's arrival at the Chapel

Photo Credit Andrew Mathews New York Times – St George’s Chapel Arch adorned with fresh flowers for Meghan’s arrival

Most impressive perhaps was her veil — silk tulle with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers representing the flora of each of the countries in the Commonwealth. Did you know that the fabric artists spent hundreds of hours meticulously sewing and washing their hands every thirty minutes to keep the tulle and threads pristine?

Meghan's 16 foot silk tulle veil trimmed with the hand-embroidered flowers of the Commonwealth took hours to make.

Meghan’s 16 foot silk tulle veil trimmed with the hand-embroidered flowers of the Commonwealth took hours to make.

Can you imagine?

Not to mention the fine work of the caterer, the cake maker, the ushers, the banquet at St George’s Hall, indeed the many “petite mains,” the many skilled hands without which that level of craftsmanship would not have been so front and centre.

It really does take more than skill to bring something so grand and beautiful to fruition.  Why it takes heart, passion, patience, time and lots of love.  Handmade things are not contrived, they are pre-ordained, and in their meticulous assemblage, and aesthetically perfect demeanours, they show off their maker’s intentions.

Revelling in beauty comes naturally.  We connect to beauty; our innate selves respond to the authenticity in the truly beautiful because we lean into the truth behind what makes beauty resonate.

The newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex on parade in the HRH Ascot Laundau Carriage

Newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex on parade in HRH Ascot Laundau carriage

This is why beauty moves us at The Italian Collection and why we feel a kinship with the artisans behind the royal wedding.  They, like us, believe in the beautiful and well-made, “il bello e ben fatto”.   Thanks to our artisan-makers, and their wonderful creations, we too are nourished and nurtured.  We invite you to take a peek …

Ornella Bijoux, artisan, artist, maker of "il bello e ben fatto", the beautiful and well-made.

Ornella Bijoux, artisan, artist, maker of “il bello e ben fatto”, the beautiful and well-made.

Cristina and Myriam



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