The Team

The decision to buy something precious, like one of our artisan-made products, is more than just a digital transaction. It is an emotional affair on the part of the buyer and the seller too.

At theitaliancollection.com (TIC) we take to heart what we do, aspiring to connect with you in distinctive ways; in ways that bring forth a warm embrace each time you touch, feel and wear our handmade piece.

T I C leaves nothing to chance, and our dedicated team stays with you from the minute you order through the delivery and follow up on your purchase. We seek always to delight, satisfy and go beyond expectation and, in so doing, facilitate a truly Italian experience…

Cristina Ghisolfi

Born in the fashion capital of the world Milan, and with the exception of a short time in Paris for her studies she calls this chic place home. A lover of fine things, Cristina has worked hard to protect one of Italy’s unique traditions, that of craftsmanship.
And today, as co-founder of TIC she is equipped to handle her most ambitious project yet; that of conveying to the rest of the world the beauty of the handmade.

Myriam Altieri

Born in Italy, but soon left her native land to live like a nomad popping up in countries as far away as Australia. Before settling down in the United States, Myriam worked in advertising and broadcasting in Sydney, London, Milan and Paris. A honing of language skills, as well as marketing communications has given her tools that lend themselves so well to the needs of TIC.