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Autumn, Dread or Delight?

Autumn, dread or delight?  It is odd isn’t it how seasons mess with our moods?

Certainly, summer’s end is a lament deeply felt. Our days shorten and our nights grow cold. Sparkling warm waters dim and cool, we flee from our beaches, and put away our sandals. And yet, Autumn is welcomed by many of us! It is, afterall, a new season filled with different adventures, a new palette of colours, and perhaps it is even a time for personal change.

Tuscany embracing the beauty that is autumn.  Photo Credit Luca Micheli Unsplash

Tuscany embracing the beauty that is autumn. Photo Credit Luca Micheli Unsplash

Taking a moment to truly appreciate Autumn can make it more of a delightful coming than one of dread.  The cooler mornings put a skip in our step, the rich warm colours of the tree canopy take our breath away, and the mossy earthy smells make us want to curl up around a fire pit.

These external changes prod us to modify our wardrobes too. We start to bring out the warm knits, seek longer sleeves, heavier fabrics and textures; the simple t-shirt matched to our favourite leather jacket; or the “to die for” seersucker trousers in a motley of bright colours with the tailored pristine white shirt. All of these choices can be made even more stylish with our favourite cashmere by Nicola Luccarini.

A magic match, cashmere scarf by Nicola Luccarini, a heart-shaped pendant in bronze by Lucilla Giovanninetti.

Cashmere scarf by Nicola Luccarini and “Cuore” in Bronze by Lucilla Giovanninetti go ever so well together.

On the other hand, there is that humblest of items, the sun visor. One would easily put this item in with the summer things. Not so fast!  As those sunrises and set times shift, a visor in a car or bag is handier than ever! Just think of how many times you are in a hurry;  the hair is not cooperating and you have no time to fuss.And the golf weather is now divine; so much cooler and more pleasant. Grab a hand painted visor – to to the rescue – by  our very own Loredana who lives in Rome.

A hand painted sun visor by Rome-based Loredana

A hand painted sun visor by Rome-based Loredana

Now that we really think on it, any sense of dread associated with the crispier season is more about attitude than anything else.  Autumn, like all its sister seasons, offers something special, unique and wondrous.

For Cristina and Myriam, the co-founders of theitaliancollection we get excited about our featured accessories, and how their transcendental natures can transform something ordinary into something chic, elegant and oh so very Italian.  Excitement abounds too when we know our handcrafted items are not filling up landfills, but rather be so loved they are held onto for others to use and enjoy.

Stay with us, we are planning to bring you more gorgeous accessories Made in Italy.

Myriam and Cristina, Co-founders

Designed in Italy. Handmade in Italy.


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