Celebrating a milestone!  A Collection 10 years in the making!

A Collection A Decade in the Making

The Italian Collection is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and this milestone gives us a moment to pause, to reflect, and to be grateful. We are celebrating the opportunity we have been given to curate handmade Italian accessories that satisfy the need for elegant, timeless and sustainable fashion.

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In Limited Edition Scarf "Giada" by Claudia F in hand painted silk with an underlay in pure cashmere.

Unique, and Elegant for Every Day

The “uniqueness factor” of the handmade never goes unnoticed.  Several weeks ago, while strolling with Cristina along the charming alleys and canals of the very chic “I Navigli” of Milano, a dear American friend made an observation.

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The iconic landmark Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy.

Notebook from Milano, When Culture becomes Fashion.

Timed to coincide with Milano Fashion Week, co-founders Cristina and Myriam were invited to a very elegant event.

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Buttery Soft Cashmere Yarn Photo Credit Seyi Ariyo Unsplash

Why is cashmere so expensive?

Myriam and Cristina, our Co-founders asked Bologna-based cashmere artisan Nicola Luccarini to chime in…

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Autumn Leaves  Photo Credit Chris Lawton  5IHz5WhosQE Unsplash

Autumn, Dread or Delight?

Autumn, dread or delight?  It is odd isn’t it how seasons mess with our moods?

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Italian Hand Painted Visor

Limited Edition The Italian Collection

Limited-Edition implies something unique, collectable, and not mainstream.

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Plastic waste Photo Credit Stux 3962409_1920.


Sustainability, Eco-friendly, Green…seem to be the buzzwords of the year!
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Hand Painted Italian Silk Scarf

The Making of a Silk Scarf by Claudia F

How does an exquisite silk scarf come to be?  If you ask our Milan-based artisan-in-residence, the soulful Claudia F, it begins with opening up your heart.

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bronze Italian artisan jewellery

Mixing Luxury and Commodity is Risky Business!

Seth Godin, marketing guru, academic and a prolific writer knows something about branding.

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The creative district of Brera, Milan

With love, from Italy

Have you ever been fortunate enough to take a leisurely stroll along the streets of Milan, Rome or Florence?