Looking deeply into work conditions in faraway places.  Photo Credit Rafael Saes Upsplash


Sustainability, Eco-friendly, Green…seem to be the buzzwords of the year!
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The Making of a Silk Scarf by Claudia F

How does an exquisite silk scarf come to be?  If you ask our Milan-based artisan-in-residence, the soulful Claudia F, it begins with opening up your heart.

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Musings in bronze by artisan jeweller Lucilla Giovanninetti

Mixing Luxury and Commodity is Risky Business!

Seth Godin, marketing guru, academic and a prolific writer knows something about branding.  One of his wee blogs got our attention.  He suggests that “ubiquitous distribution is overrated; exclusivity is underrated; scarcity creates value”.  A bit of a mouthful, but simply put mixing luxury and commodity is rather risky. 

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Making Christmas come to life with beautiful ornaments handmade in Bologna

In the Spirit of Giving…

With the end of year tapping on our shoulders something begins to change. Certainly the days are shorter, and the temperatures continue to plummet, but aside the climatic conditions, symbols that evoke a time of renewal begin to appear.

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Soft Cashmere Yarn

The cashmere poncho, transcending seasons and time.

Summer in some parts of the world shall soon bid us farewell; it is a bittersweet moment for those of us clinging to sunny days and balmy nights.  In other regions of the world, in the Antipodes, for instance, the first sprouts signal the arrival of spring.  Be it an autumnal tone perhaps calling for cashmere, or the awakening of Nature, these transitions are an artistic, literary period inspiring renewal in our personal landscape and often our wardrobes. 

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Woman's Umbrella in Lurex by Colette della Vedova, Piedmont, Italy

A myth about Umbrellas and Parasols!

Across the regions of Italy steeped in history and tradition there is a heartfelt respect for the work done by artisans.  None of the names will be known to you and few have works that have travelled beyond the shores of their native country.  Cristina and I, sharing a great love for art, style and all things handmade are now firmly on a mission of doing what we can to bring these same artists to new frontiers.

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Prince Harry so happy to see his soon to be Duchess of Sussex

A ROYAL WEDDING, A FAIRYTALE…an ode to the beautiful and well made…

Many have brought insight into Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding, their big day, a fairytale, but we wanted to add our own unique voice and a different sensitivity to reporting upon this event.

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Using time honoured jewellery making methods

On the trail of the artisan-maker

“He who works with his hands is a labourer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsperson. He who works with his hands, and his head and his heart is an artist”. St Francis of Assisi

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fb- Anello Serpente Corallo

Paying homage to the wild and whimsical wonders of spring

There is a universal sense of wonder and awe associated with the arrival of spring.  Mother Nature brings back a kaleidoscope of colour to the fertile, fallow ground — an ingenious orchestra of extraordinary visuals.

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Why do Artisan-Makers Matter?

It is often said that Italy is a fabled land, and as her natives, Cristina and I have to agree!  It is also where the art of making-by-hand still enchants all who come to appreciate its importance. In fact, from the Far East, to the Middle East, and on to the New World, those who specialise in the crafts have enriched cultures for centuries.

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