In the Spirit of Giving…

With the end of year tapping on our shoulders something begins to change. Certainly the days are shorter, and the temperatures continue to plummet, but aside the climatic conditions, symbols that evoke a time of renewal begin to appear.

The festive season is generally a time for celebration, for gathering and for beauty. In Italy where theitaliancollection.com resides, Christmas is an extremely important date on the annual calendar.

Tuscany Italy at Christmas

Christmas in Tuscany…

Up and down the peninsula cities, towns and villages transform into lively colourful oases, nativity scenes adorn entrances, piazzas turn into twinkling artisan markets, and food courts become gathering hubs as families and friends come to buy the many fresh ingredients to make the timeless dishes handed down from one generation to the next.

Fresh ingredients abound in the markets…

Festive Pasta for Christmas Holiday in Italy

Artisan-made pasta ready for the Christmas celebrations.

It is a time filled with joy, a time to share meaningful gifts with loved ones, a time of solidarity, a time to heal, and a time to laugh. It is when families come together to bond, to talk about old times and new, to recognise those no longer with us and a time to be grateful for all the blessings in our lives.

Duomo in Milano Italy at Christmas

Iconic Duomo in Milan at Christmas


Christmas Food Market in Milano Italy

Food markets filled with fresh foods for the Christmas period

At Theitaliancollection.com, Cristina and I adore the Christmas season and its spirit. Our mission to represent our artisans, in harmony, in gratitude, and with heart, blends so well with this genuinely beautiful season. Is there any better time really to enrich people’s lives with “il bello e ben fatto”, the beautiful and well-made?

Milano Italy at Christmas

Cobbled streets of Milano all dressed up for the Christmas season

So as the gift giving time nears, we would like to extend our invitation to visit the e-gallery and consider our wares for your loved ones. TIC is overflowing with a bounty of Italian elegance and style, each item imbued with the soul of their maker.

We have a gift for the beautiful ones in your life that will soften hearts and bring glee — perhaps by bearing a bag from Milan by Valentina Nuzzi or a cashmere cape all the way from Bologna by Nicola Luccarini.

Streets of Milano Italy at Christmas

Streets of Milano at Christmas

Cashmere Poncho by Artisan-Maker Nicola Luccarini

Or maybe they would treasure a bauble by our venerable Maria Vittoria Albani who resides in Milan too, a fine belt by San Giorgio Factory, or a bespoke umbrella by Piedmont-based Colette della Vedova.

No matter how you bring exquisite charm and loveliness to your Holiday, we wish you the very best from our family at The Italian Collection to your own.

Peace to you in the New Year,

Myriam and Cristina

Photo Credits: Paolo Bona / Shutterstock.com

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