Editorial Protagonists of Style

We are honoured by editors at home and abroad who celebrate “il bello e ben fatto” – the beautiful and well made. They are becoming our protagonists in this soulful narrative of artisans staying true to all that is Italian and sharing their sublime expressions of timeless style, elegance and charm.

Accessories Magazine

TIC in Accessories Magazine
The Italian Collection Unveils Website for 100% Italian Made Accessories

Greenwich Girl Magazine

TIC in Greenwich Girl Magazine
The Italian Collection Feature Story

Gladys Magazine

TIC in Gladys Magazine
The Italian Collection on Love 2015 A-List

Influential Magazine

TIC in Infuential Magazine
Feature Story: UNICI Collection of Fine Scarves

Our deepest gratitude goes out to all that have featured The Italian Collection artisans and their long tradition of craftsmanship brushed with an unmistakable spirit of style which makes the essence of – “il bello e ben fatto” – the beautiful and well-made possible.

Myriam and Cristina

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