KASH – presents 60 years of cashmere – a very Italian artisanal story…
Kash (from Kashmir) is a par-excellence, firmly Italian artisanal story in the realm of knitwear made of the noble fibre – cashmere in primis. The studio-now-brand has thrived through three generations of the Verducci family: entrepreneurs and creatives passionate about their work as evidenced in the superb detailing.

It is a story with roots in 1960, in Perugia, Umbria – a district renowned around the world for their artisanal approach to processing cashmere. The family Verducci opens a small artisan studio to produce the fibre on behalf of third parties. In no time the quality of their work attracts the most coveted fashion brands that trust them to make their fashion lines.

The turning point comes in 1970, when Ester, a most creative type and a visionary transforms the premises into a full production unit specialising in the artisan process. In addition to working for other brands they embark on launching their own capsules of small and elegant collections in cashmere and cotton with exquisite attention to detail characterised by intricate knit stitches.

It will be with the same passion and dedication that Maurizio and Paula’s children take on their assignment of being at the helm of the family business. They create their brand Kash (from Kashmir) and in 2010 they decide to go big launching in many markets. Kash becomes an international brand. From Japan to Europe the brand is showing up in the most refined boutiques and department stores.

This success that is in no way happenstance but the fruit of an unwavering commitment to fine workmanship performed with the greatest professionalism — from researching innovative techniques; to selecting textiles of the highest quality; to the choice of colour palettes; to the showroom where they work incessantly, without interruption, with a maniacal attention to the best fit; to the hands-on, hand tooling by experts; to the final push on prime quality.

Kash style, certainly sensitive to fashion trends, has a personality, an identity, that stands proudly on its own: simplicity with an emphasis on detailing that is timeless and yet contemporary. The identifiable artisan’s touch leans eagerly into femininity with its super soft, ever so adaptable, natural flow and chicness. Each piece reflects a style so perfect for women, young and old who love the essence of quality, and an attention to detailing that reflects old Italian traditions. The story continues…


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