“My source of inspiration? People I meet by chance, places I visit, wines I taste…all that stirs my emotions. I love earthy dusty colours, slivers or flashes of light in William Turner’s sky from yellow to red to blues beyond the sea…hues that colour, illuminate my collections.”

Marialena Mallone, founder and creative director of Mialuis, with a degree in architecture, starts her professional career in a very prestigious firm in her birth city Turin. Her passion for design, her very precise and farsighted vision, and a vocational calling for entrepreneurship come together in 2010 when she creates her company of bags and accessories in leather. A “jewel” in the realm of Italian “alto” artisanship.

The bags and accessories are signed Mialuis — the brand name comes from the union of two nicknames, “Mia” of Marialena and “Luis” for her mother Maria Luisa. Each is made in Italy adhering to the meticulous nature of the craft; from the softest skins to the natural eco-friendly dyes (made possible by a Master Colourist), to the minute details of sewing and workmanship. The unusual shapes of the accessories underscore the concept of softness and guarantee their functionality, lightness of being, and versatility. All done with a touch of chic and not a modicum of ostentatious.

Mialuis is an exemplary company for many different reasons. It is founded on equal opportunities for men and women and stays clear of gender-based supremacy. Everyone contributes their talent and creativity for the greater good. Even with their suppliers the spirit of collaboration and dialogue guides the relationship, however, with the clear understanding that all action taken is eco-friendly. Sustainability is an initiative that Mialuis is completely dedicated to, manifesting in the 5 “P’s:” People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership, Planet. This makes all the difference and truly sets them apart.

The Collection