Milan's iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is an architectural jewel.

Notebook from Milano, When Culture becomes Fashion.

Timed to coincide with Milano Fashion Week, co-founders Cristina and Myriam were invited to a very elegant event.

In a style synonymous with the city of design, this momentous occasion payed homage to two greats of film and opera.  It was an artistic commentary on the role culture has played on fashion.  Cristina was there and loved it!

The iconic "Il Savini" in the heart of the Galleria in Milan.

The iconic “Il Savini” in the heart of the Galleria in Milan. Photo Credit C Ghisolfi Co-founder The Italian Collection

Hosted by Savini, the historic restaurant in the heart of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the show entitled “Callas Mai Vista” commemorated the 50th anniversary of the masterpiece “Medea”.  A haunting Greek tale interpreted by the renowned director Pier Paolo Pasolini, it starred Maria Callas whose musical and dramatic talents led to her being hailed as “La Divina” or “The Divine”.

Against this refined backdrop exquisite costumes nuanced for the film were on display.  Created by the esteemed costume designer Daniele Calcaterra, the gowns in gold laminated cotton and black textured fabric made quite the spectacle.

Simona Scala, Creative Director, Ornella Bijoux and Gowns Medea

Simona Scala, Creative Director, Necklaces by Ornella Bijoux and Gowns “Medea” Il Savini, Milano, Italy. Photo Credit C Ghisolfi, Co-Founder The Italian Collection

With their full skirts, high necklines and tight sleeves they transported the audience into the dramatic world of mythology evoking the complex dualism of Euripides heroine Medea.  Add to this visually compelling image gorgeous baubles, all of them created by our very own Ornella Bijoux, and you complete a picture that brings us to the title of this blog.

Stunning necklaces by Ornella Bijoux for Medea Il Savini, Milan, Italy.

Stunning necklaces by Ornella Bijoux for Medea, Il Savini, Milan, Italy. Photo Credit C Ghisolfi, Co-founder The Italian Collection


Culture becomes fashion, how so?

Breathtaking necklaces by Milan-based Ornella Bijoux for the show honouring Maria Callas.

Breathtaking necklaces by Milan-based Ornella Bijoux for the show honouring Maria Callas. Photo Credit C Ghisolfi Co-Founder The Italian Collection

Derived from the Latin “colere” culture hems in language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and the arts.  “Callas Mai Vista” or “Never Seen Before Callas” pulled on these cultural strings.  Narrated through the universal language of fashion, art and cinema, the curator drew on all three to bring to fruition a masterful and magical exhibition.  It resurrected too, the soprano’s deep love for a city that saw her perform at La Scala.  In the final analysis, the beautiful event helped us better understand how fashion came to be thanks to the prism of culture.

In Italy, design and fashion have long “shaped” the cultural sphere.  The “Italian Way,” the most respected in the world, continues to inspire.  Why?  Perhaps because we have been at it for so long it is in our DNA.  An attention to detail, a sensitivity to beauty work in unison to give us a visually compelling outcome, a manifestation that holds at its core authenticity, harmony and balance.

Milan-based Ornella Bijoux, founded in 1944, Per Eccellenza Costume Jewellers

Milan-based Ornella Bijoux, founded in 1944, Per Eccellenza Costume Jewellers

We at The Italian Collection believe the influence also comes from an enduring respect for the tradition of making by hand. We endorse and champion style curated by an all-knowing culture that leans into fine and exclusive things.  Just like those who seized the opportunity to showcase a 50-year-old masterpiece.

Do you have a story to tell?    One that espouses culture becoming fashion.  Let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Myriam and Cristina


Designed in Italy. Handmade in Italy.


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