Ornella Bijoux, founded in 1944 in Milan, Italy, makes splendid costume jewellery for those who love fine things.  At the helm today is Simona Scala, daughter of Maria Vittoria Albani whose many years of creating and adorning have left a proud legacy.

Their creations speak to Italy’s tradition of craftsmanship; for those ways of doing, slowly and meticulously.  Every necklace, pair of earrings, ring and bracelet – shaped from a plethora of natural materials like ceramics, wood, bronze metal and semi-precious stones – sings to the tune of Made in Italy.

Mother Nature informs their work and so do abstract art and geometric design.  They have skilfully mastered a fine balance between fantasy, colour and style giving every creation a unique space and place with an unmistakable Italian style.

To own a piece of jewellery made by the historic Milanese bottega is to hold the key to the magical kingdom of Italian Bijoux. Beautiful, well-made and precious the bottega encourages us, actually insists that we wear their necklace, bracelet or earrings, enthusiastically and with wild abandon.

The Collection