Cashmere Cardigan Stripes


The striped cardigan made entirely from 100% Loro Piana reworked cashmere certainly strikes a pose for Italian style, but also for sustainability.

In one ply thread, fineness ten the cardigan is made on a tubular knitting machine that weaves a double-faced, ultra-soft cashmere garment. Trimmed in black, the cardigan sports a V-shaped neckline, a single button adds a chic touch.

Please note each cardigan is a unique version of itself in that the colour combination changes from one to the next.  No one cardigan is the same adding to its exclusivity.

Made in Piedmont, Italy the dimensions below accommodate sizes 42 to 46. However, this garment is custom-made.  Just let us know your height and size and we shall do the rest.  Three week delivery.

Dimensions: Length Circa 124 cm / 48.8 inches

Dimensions: Breast 50 cm / 19.7 inches

Dimensions: Shoulders 42.5 cm / 16.7 inches

Dimensions: Sleeves 46 cm / 18.1 inches

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