Cashmere Scarf Stripes


The striped scarf in a nuance of striking block colours is crafted in repurposed Loro Piana pure cashmere.

In one ply thread, fineness ten it is “cast” on a tubular knitting machine giving us a double-faced, ultra-soft cashmere scarf with two “right” sides.   The two layers are sewn together by hand in a smart horse stitch.

Please note each scarf is a unique version of itself in that each one made comes in a new combination of colourful stripes.   Not one scarf is the same.

Made in the workshop in Piedmont this eco-friendly sustainably made scarf is by special order,  and delivery is two weeks.

Dimensions:   Length approx. 180 cm / 70.9 inches   Width approx. 62 cm / 24.4 inches

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