Heart-Shaped Pendant



The universal symbol of love our heart-shaped pendant in bronze designed by Milan-based jeweller Lucilla Giovanninetti is replete with narrative and meaning.

Made using an old casting method known as  “cera persa” or “lost-wax” this precious heart is more than a mere adornment. Its “excavated” effect shines a spotlight on the mastery of hand, and puts it squarely in the category of  “wearable art”.

Certainly it deserves to be looked at, thought about too.  Better still, it is made to be worn with confidence and joy.

Handmade in Milan, Italy the heart-shaped pendant can be pre-ordered. Please allow four weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: Pendant Length 3.4 inches / 10 cm – Chain Length 13 inches / 33 cm

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