“Laura” Azzurro Calfskin Leather Shoulder Bag


“Laura” in azzurro calfskin leather is a shoulder bag made with great care and a whole lot of love.  Laura is named after a friend of the designer, Mariaelena Mallone of MiaLuis, who is a disciple of beauty, and a stickler for detail.

The shoulder bag is fashioned in surreal sky blue; a colour that requires a meticulous centuries-old dyeing technique that uses organic plant-basted formulas.

Lined in 100% cotton, Laura strikes with her detailing. The back leather panel is smooth and silky, while the front panel is laser engraved adding another layer of preciousness to the shoulder bag.

Made in Turin, Italy Laura has a zip enclosure, and is in Limited-Edition.  Please allow one week for delivery.

Dimensions:   40H x 29W x 12D cm / 15.7H x 11.4W x 4.7D inches

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