“Laura” Rosso Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag


The “Laura” rosso shoulder bag modelled in perforated lambskin leather is lined in a cotton/polyester blend.

Building on Laura’s appeal are her simple lines; setting her up to be the go-to-tote for the every day. Her other fine qualities, softness and a feather weight, are two attributes that really showcase the skill and craftsmanship required to make her.

To the bag’s striking “riding hood” red?  Well, it materialises thanks to an organic, centuries-old, plant-based dyeing method that “puffs” up the natural features of the leather.

Made in Limited-Edition by artisans in Turin, Italy Laura is a precious shoulder bag to have and to hold.

Dimensions:  40H x 29W x 12D cm / 15.7H x 11.4W x 4.7D inches

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