Pongee Silk Scarf “Farfalla del Salento”


“I dedicate my pongee silk to the women of Salento” shares Claudia F, the artisan-maker of this gorgeous scarf.

Defined by its abstract pattern “Butterfly of Salento” is a meditation on life expressed in deliberate and flowing brushstrokes. The artist anchors her work in black to which she adds a flourish of red, vibrant greens, and deep blues creating a collage of hues evocative of the sea, a powerful and strong presence along the shore.

Similarly, the women of Salento, intrepid and fearless share the space of an artwork on silk that mirrors the essence of life itself.  The scarf hand painted in Italy is by special order, and ships in four weeks.

Dimensions: H 130 L 207 cm / H 51 L 82 inches

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