Pongee Silk Scarf “Fiori Viola”


“Violet is one of my favourite colours,” says Claudia F.    “Its complex nature, a dichotomy of soft and hard, warm and cold makes the hue a wonderful challenge.”

A painterly study in shades and tints “Fiori Viola” stands out for her sublime beauty.  Her abstract design enhanced by random brush strokes twisting and turning the violet paint dominates the canvas giving her a sense of fluidity, a suppleness and agile nature, while the frame brings order to the free-flowing water colours.

Tempering violet’s “hardness” are gold copper accents adding warmth and balance to this most gorgeous of women’s scarves.

Made in Italy this oversized puff of silk takes up to four weeks for delivery.


L 128 H 148 cm  / L  50 H 58 in

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