Pongee Silk Scarf “Volti e Fiori”


The cocoon of friendship in “an intimate chat, secrecy, confessions and trust” is at the heart of Claudia F’s  “Volti e Fiori” in pongee silk.

Literally “Faces and Flowers” the scarf is a contemplative visual expression on the essence of this most sacred of bonds.

Brought to bear in a melange of tantalising colours like soft shades of blue that for the artist reflect friendship itself and grounded in earthen brown brushstrokes she completes her tribute in subtle facial expressions and reddish pink petal flourishes placed randomly throughout the silk.

This gorgeous artisan-crafted oversized scarf Made in Italy ships in four weeks.

Dimensions: H 65 L 210 cm / H 26 L 83 inches

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