Silk & Cashmere Scarf Gold/Ochre


The idea that “Spring Shall Come Again” is behind the making of this gorgeous Habatoi 7 silk and cashmere scarf.

In a rich canvas of bronze, sage, moss green, burnt taupe, cyclamen pink and orchid purple, the meticulously hand-painted silk scarf may just be the best neck warmer on brisk cold days.

An underlay of pure cashmere by Colombo Mills in a shade of gold/ochre renders the scarf unique and timeless.  As does the handmade cashmere drawstring that allows for a curated tight or loose wear.

Each scarf has a custom-made protective pouch in black denim.

Made in Milan, Italy in Limited-Edition the scarf ships immediately

Dimensions:  Length 69 Width 16.8 cm / Length 27.2 Width 6.6 inches


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