Walnut Suede Belt Bag Pouch


Fashioned in walnut brown suede leather, this Made-in-Italy chic belt bag/pouch is a lasting accessory that invites frequent usage.

A sporty design that marries form with function, the pouch is held in place by a buckled suede belt with leather inserts.

This allows for placement on the waist, or for that more “offbeat” look just below it.  Swung on the shoulder it makes a statement too!

The belt bag/pouch is made in northern Italy in Limited-Edition.  It is available in belt sizes medium and large only.  Please allow one week for delivery.

Dimensions:  Pouch L 14 H 19 cm / L 5.5 H 7.5 inches.

Dimensions:  Belt H 3.5 cm / H 1.5 inches

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