Filippo is both an architect and interior designer, graduating in 1972 from the Istituto Universitario d’Architettura in Venice.

Since graduation, Filippo spent years nurturing a passion for the complex, grand world of design through his association with prestigious Italian and international brands including Boffi, Meritalia and Kreoo. Industrious and resourceful – and with his skills well-honed under such expert tutelage – Filippo felt it was time to go out on his own. Acting on this strong desire in April 2009 he opened a beautifully appointed studio in Padua that speaks to a knowing eye welcoming clients eager to embellish and give texture and harmony to their living areas. Distinctly creative, stylish to the core and with maniacal attention to detail, Filippo is driven to search for and assemble the unexpected and the surprising, often infusing works from other artisans whose oeuvres seem to ooze heart and love.

BH essentiel is born from this idea of harmony; of finding the perfect balance in architecturally challenging environments, thinking not about each single object, but about the pieces as one, so transforming a raw, cold space into a warm, welcoming home. “Without this special harmony and special connection a house is simply a space filled with objects,” says Filippo. “Living is always an aesthetic action, but what gives value to the space is how it is lived in.”

To inform this gorgeous collection, Filippo imagined and “sensed” the moods and flavors of different spaces and atmospheres, matching these visions to rich colors that stir and nurture emotions. The quality and saturation of each thread unleashes the beauty of both contrasting and matching chromatic themes, allowing for fresh décor ideas using numerous shades, and adding allure and new light to the spaces in which we live. Use of such deluxe materials as cashmere renders these throws even more precious, with a single touch evoking pleasures far beyond those associated with the ordinary and “every day”.

From beginning to end – from the first woven threads to the refined packaging that wraps each piece – attention to detail is paramount; all insured by Mr. Biagiotti’s stringent internal production controls. BH essentiel is a capsule fashioned with feeling and the finest materials and, of course, attended to by the design and distinctive quality of its Made in Italy label.