In a postindustrial district of Milan, where 1920s architecture holds sway and creative types have clustered, we find Lucilla Giovanninetti. She is at the door of her small workshop welcoming us with her sunny radiant smile gracious like a sunflower in full bloom, and a kind, limpid face that is the essence of refinement. Lucilla is an artist of contemporary jewellery who exudes such a passion for her craft and is so talented that she rivals the most sophisticated Italian and international connoisseurs. And she has done so for more than 20 years, and not by happenstance…

A native of the northern Italian city Bergamo, Lucilla inherited her grandmother’s (a well-known painter) love for artistic design and all sorts of materials. Her vocational calling drew her to art school, followed by tertiary studies in the Faculty of Literature in Milan where she majored in art. Her studies of art, history and jewellery-making paved the way for her to open up artistically, and to act on her dream of, as she says, “creating a line of wearable art jewels with a certain irreverence for time that just keep on giving.”

As a newly minted graduate she entered the world of work dedicating her time to teaching history and jewellery-making in the most prestigious schools of design in Milan. At the same time, she also worked on capsules of clothing, accessories, belt buckles and moulding costume jewellery out of textiles under her brand moniker Lucilla Gi. Her fresh looking style of pure design and contemporary feel captivated the most demanding buyers and the media world. What triumph!

While some may have been satisfied to coast along this road of success, Lucilla continued in her quest of lifelong learning when, in 2008, she enrolled in the “Accademia di Arte Orafa” in Milan (Goldsmith Academy). There she dove into crafting metal, wax, and learned how to enamel while probing other time-held metallurgical techniques including the most difficult and complex – a method called “cera persa” or “cire perdue,” used by sculptors to create their prototype forms. By 2010 Lucilla was ready to launch her first designs under the name “Eandare.” Yet again, she surprised many…and her success continues to this day.

“Everything I do starts with inspiration. I look, and observe attentively, engraving in my heart and mind different forms and sensations…” Lucilla interprets her mental etchings through an experimentation process tightly linked to learned techniques and a design aesthetic that leans toward a contemporary, precise mood; but always elegantly stated and refined. That is after all, HER style.

Her bracelets, pendant necklaces, earrings in bronze and silver and resin-treated textiles are made in few numbers. Each of these unique pieces can be found in boutiques and art galleries throughout Italy and the rest of Europe.

TheItalianCollection is honoured to present a handpicked small selection of Lucilla’s finery – bracelets, earrings and necklace-pendants in finely polished natural bronze – that can be worn as complete sets or for a different effect, singly. The pendants, sculpted to perfection using the “cera persa” technique, come with delicate bronze-coloured chains. Lucilla shares that her amorphous surreal pendants match effortlessly to leather strips; or for that classic refined and elegant look, you can attach them to any of your fine silk scarves. The beauty of Lucilla’s out-of-the-ordinary adornment is that there is no hard and fast rule on how to wear it; rather it is as limited as your imagination!

So have fun and live creatively with Lucilla’s Eandare…