In the heart of Milan there is a historical workshop. Founded in 1944, this small nook houses our own Maria Vittoria Albani; an eclectic designer of splendidly unusual costume jewellery. Petite, elegant, and immensely talented, Maria makes art that speaks to natural beauty and is expressed through impeccable craftsmanship. Each piece is made by the nimble hands of artisans.

Maria’s design career spans decades and, in recognition of her contribution to this art form, Swarovski commissioned her pieces to be showcased in the crystal maker’s touring exhibition of “Teatro alla Scala.” Maria’s pieces have also appeared in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Not one to let moss grow under her feet, Maria remains hard at work in her wee hub designing and creating exquisite baubles that may not necessarily succumb to fashion trends. Maria’s artistic flair, decorated in emotion and feelings is what she draws on every day; for it is when she is creating that her true essence comes to the fore – expressing the art of adornment with so much grace and élan.

Out of brightly coloured stones, lustrous pearls, enameled metals, polished shells and Murano glass, Maria forges extraordinary pieces in limited-edition that over the years have lit divas and queens between Galas and international catwalks. Her debut on is not only a great honour, but an embrace of our mission to ignite the beauty that dwells within.

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