In the heart of Milan, a small studio founded in 1944 is where Maria Vittoria Albani, creative director of Ornella Bijoux makes splendidly unusual costume jewellery. Petite, elegant, and with a disarming smile Maria’s many creations speak to traditions, as well to that remarkable Italian style synonymous with whispering design and an understated elegance to which we willingly succumb.

Made by hand in a plethora of materials – ceramics, woods, gold or silver painted bronze, enamelled metals, resins, sparkling crystals, Venetian glass, and semi-precious stones – every single necklace, bracelet, ring, and pair of earrings is shaped via meticulous craftsmanship using techniques and methods ordained by the “haute couture” of artisanal jewellers.

Informed by the surreal beauty of Mother Nature, and drawn to abstract art and geometric design Ornella Bijoux masters the fine balance between style, fantasy and limitless colour combinations. Fashion’s fickle trends, while taking note of them do not distract Maria Vittoria from her tried and true “recipe” of imbuing every item with that unmistakable original Italian touch giving each a long shelf life. Indeed, every piece that bears the Ornella Bijoux insignia is guaranteed to grow in beauty with the passing of years.

To own a necklace, bracelet or brooch made by this historic Milanese workshop is to hold the key to the magical kingdom of Italian Bijoux. As it happens from the most illustrious world-renowned “Le Dictionanaire du Bijoux” to catalogues showcasing international exhibitions Ornella Bijoux is immortalised as an artist-cum-artisan and interpreter of styles, past and present, hallmarked with such distinguishable exquisiteness as to defy the elements of time.

Ornella Bijoux stands for “beautiful, well-made and precious”, but Maria Vittoria also says, “Do not let yourself be intimidated by their majesty. Instead, allow your imagination to take hold, wear your necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings with wild abandon. Use them to re-create you in your vision.”

Ornella Bijoux by Maria Vittoria Albani…