Umbria, a region rich in art, history and nature is also known for the production of the best quality cashmere. It is here, in the town of Perugia, that Italian fashion atelier Galassia was founded in 1965 by the nobleman Meno Galatioto Rosso and his wife Mariuccia who perfected a superlative cashmere line called Pashmere.

Using fleece of Pashmina goats that are adapted to the extreme cold of the high mountains of Tibet, Galassia’s skilful artisans transform this precious wool through delicate operations of selecting, washing, hand-dyeing with natural bio-extracts of roots, flowers, fruits and leaves, and spinning into an ultra thin (2/72000 count) yarn that they weave on 33 gauge looms to create Pashmere.

Today the company is led by the founder’s son Francesco and his wife, the designer Laura Galatioto. The Pashmere collection combines the lightness of the finest natural yarns with an aristocratic cleanness of detail that defines quality. Pashmere imparts vigour and intensity with superfine capes, shawls and wraps that touch a woman’s skin and release the positive energy hidden inside her.

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