Italian fashion accessories designer Roberto Pansa owns and designs for San Giorgio, opened only a few months after Roberto joined his father-in-law’s belt company. Roberto’s belts and bags range from classic to vintage. He combines luxurious and unusual materials with a great attention to detail and impeccable finishing. His designs function well with casual or formal attire.

Intense research and fervid creativity lead to designs that augment the latest fashion trends. This in turn leads to collaboration with some of the most important fashion brands in the world. In a quarter century, San Giorgio creates more than 14,000 different belts often with matching bags and accessories.

Roberto firmly believes that to master the trade, one must work hands-on with the product, perfect ones craftsmanship, and gain an intimate understanding of materials. As he says, “This work gets into your DNA. You live it every day. It is intuition, creativity, research. To succeed you must have passion. For me it was like being struck by lightning!”