By definition a Collection is something awfully special, often a group of curated objects that give pleasure, joy and value to those who view, observe or are fortunate enough to hold.  

The Italian Collection _ Limited Edition is no exception and brings to fruition our long-held mission of bringing the Real-Made-in-Italy to the wider world…unique, covetable, out-of-the-ordinary beauty.

The Italian Collection _ Limited Edition features accessories brought to life using old methods where the heart and mind guide the hands as they do their work.  Each item bears the touch of the artisan who has been specially chosen to be our partner in securing centuries old, cherished traditions.

The Italian Collection _ Limited Edition is confined to a few elite pieces, each skillfully designed to be timeless and fitting to all seasons and trends.  Each item in the Collection has been made beautifully, slowly and with passion to give you years of exquisite artistry – the kind which is passed on from mother to daughter, aunt to niece, sister to sister, friend to friend.  

If you are so inclined…