The company started its life in the 1970s near the small town of Como, an idyllic spot in the lakes district of Lombardy. This northern region of Italy is known all over the world for the technique of printing that most precious of fabrics, silk. At the helm of the business is the Cattaneo family whose dedication to their craft earns them the accolade of one of the best textile print shops in the land.

Alessandro, the founder’s son and a member of the team, eagerly learns the secrets of the trade. Before too long, he uses this new knowledge to develop improved methods for printing silk, as well as other materials favoured by the fashion industry.

So on the eve of the new Millennium, Alessandro who is a creative fellow at heart takes the company to new heights. Unici retools with advanced printing techniques that allow them to take raw materials and turn them into real masterpieces of texture and colour.

In 2008, Alessandro creates the luxury brand UNICI All is ONE, a limited-edition line that seeks to fuse those things that make him smile; art, style, technology and beauty.

TheItalianCollection (TIC) and UNICI delight in introducing this capsule of abundantly sized luscious scarves in the mixed medium of wool and silk. Abstract design printed in warm rich colours creates these rare and precious scarves that will take your breath away!