Azure Blue/Jacquard Flower Print Hat

Azure Blue/Jacquard Flower Print Hat

Azure Blue/Jacquard Flower Print Hat


Sing in the rain with an elegant hat by Colette della Vedova!

In waterproof polyester this floppy, small brimmed accessory in jacquard floral print trimmed in white has such a big personality – it brings sunshine into your day!

This beauty comes in size medium (7 to 7 1/8 inches) only, and will take approximately four weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: W 11.4 H 5.5 inches / W 29 H 14 cm

From Our Curator

Our View

Hats come in many shapes and sizes, and this one by Colette della Vedova is so lovely! Colette hails from Cressa, a picturesque rural place in the hills of Piedmont in northern Italy.

Her innate sense of style, an exquisite design aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail give each and every one of her creations such an edge.

Rarely seen outside Italy, we brim with joy knowing that we are introducing Colette’s fine collection to a new audience. Her handcrafted floral beauty captivated us; and we know it will you too!

About the Designer

Colette Della Vedova (CDV)

Nanni and Colette begin their adventure at the end of the 1970s in Cressa, a small village in the northern region of Piedmont situated near Lago Maggiore, the home of the handmade umbrella. Influenced and encouraged by a very dear friend who used to commission umbrellas in Italy on behalf of French luxury brands, Colette and her beloved spouse Nanni take on, with the greatest of ease, a very old craft championed by artisans before them.

To this day, CDV not only makes umbrellas strictly by hand, but they respect time honored methods too. Moreover, the company is a staunch user of only the best materials like bamboo, valuable woods, and various kinds of skins and leather.

Handles made out of these natural materials are then matched in most unusual ways with panels of pure cotton, silk, lace, velvet, and also to printed polyester and jacquard fabrics, these too made exclusively in Italy.