Man’s Umbrella in Scottish Tartan/Wooden Handle

Man's Umbrella in Scottish Tartan/Wooden Handle
Man's Umbrella in Scottish Tartan/Wooden HandleMan's Umbrella in Scottish Tartan/Wooden HandleMan's Umbrella in Scottish Tartan/Wooden Handle

Man’s Umbrella in Scottish Tartan/Wooden Handle


Not just functional this umbrella in Scottish Tartan has an abundance of form!

Its wide dome of water-proof cotton is enhanced by a mainframe comprising tips and shaft in metal while the ribs are a masterpiece in carpentry.

The handle is a special prize; it is sculpted out of Malacca, a soft wood found at the stem of the palm tree.

This handcrafted umbrella requires approximately four weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: L 37 inches / 95 cm

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“When I am surrounded by beauty, whether it’s in nature or with objects, that is when I am at my happiest”. So says Colette della Vedova whose umbrella in Scottish Tartan speaks to talent and creativity nurtured by her heart.

Colette’s atelier amidst charming chalets in Cressa, a small village on the Piedmont – Lombardy border in northern Italy is a testament to decades of work making umbrellas of distinction. This one in a traditional classic weave shows off her design prowess of matching gorgeous fabrics with natural materials all of which are sourced in Italy.

When cover is called for, and when not any old umbrella will do, this Colette original made expressly for the dapper gentleman is worthy of serious consideration. Handcrafted in Italy it could be that unique gift for that special someone who has just about everything!

About the Designer

Colette Della Vedova (CDV)

Nanni and Colette begin their adventure at the end of the 1970s in Cressa, a small village in the northern region of Piedmont situated near Lago Maggiore, the home of the handmade umbrella. Influenced and encouraged by a very dear friend who used to commission umbrellas in Italy on behalf of French luxury brands, Colette and her beloved spouse Nanni take on, with the greatest of ease, a very old craft championed by artisans before them.

To this day, CDV not only makes umbrellas strictly by hand, but they respect time honoured methods too. Moreover, the company is a staunch user of only the best materials like bamboo, valuable woods, and various kinds of skins and leather.

Handles made out of these natural materials are then matched in most unusual ways with panels of pure cotton, silk, lace, velvet, and also to printed polyester and jacquard fabrics, these too made exclusively in Italy.