Ponge Silk Scarf “Pennellate Azzurre”


Ponge Silk Scarf “Pennellate Azzurre”


In pongé silk woven in Como, “Pennellate Azzurre” by Milan-based Claudia Franco elicits the colours of the sea at dawn.

Capturing the shadows of the rocky knolls below, and the stirrings of marine life as it awakens to the rising sun, this scarf in its dreamy palette of brushed blue is a marvel.

A canvas of pure bliss that will lift your mood, Claudia’s silk masterpiece is the essence of hand painted brilliance.

Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: H 130 L 207 cm / H 51 L 82 inches

From Our Curator

Our View

Claudia is a striking beauty! Her sense of style, grace and poise, and an aura of peace immediately put you at ease.

It is with this same sense of self that she embarks on her creative journey; a journey that began in southern Italy where she was seduced by the beauty of the region Apulia.

Her mastery of colour, an ability to sense the right shade, the right tone, is no accident. It runs in her veins; an innate skill informed by the cerulean sea, the local stonework, the olive trees, and the hues of antiquity that abound throughout Italy.

The featured scarf “Pennellate Azzurre” shows off Claudia’s understanding of colour tone bringing together shades of blue that blend beautifully together just like the notes of a musical symphony. A delightful mix of brush strokes and a colour palette that will never date, Claudia’s silk canvas inspired by the dawning of a new day and the sea’s changing hues is one to keep forever and a day.

About the Designer

Claudia Franco

Since her early years in Lecce and Turin Italy, Claudia Franco has been enthralled by the touch and feel of textiles, seduced by their colour and inspired by their natural beauty. Mastering the traditional techniques including Shibari, fine-tuning the old method of fixing steam by angling pots, Claudia added her elegant touch of her paint brushes on pure silk.

“One does not work on silk, one works with silk,” says Claudia. “Silk is a living thing; it guides you and your hands, and together in spiritual union, thousands of colour shades emerge.”

A relationship so heartfelt, respectful and intense cannot help but create wraps, scarves, foulards, and tunics that enchant everyone from discerning clients to overly demanding art gallerists.

In her workshop in Milano, where she has resided for many years, Claudia Franco now creates an exclusive line for The Italian Collection (TIC).


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