Ponge Silk Scarf “Fiori Viola”


Ponge Silk Scarf “Fiori Viola”


“Violet is one of my favourite colours,” says Claudia Franco whose “Fiori Viola” in delicate and vivid pongé silk captivates in its graciousness.

A complex colour – soft and dramatic, warm and cold – challenged the artist in ways that she loves.

In the twist and turns of her brushstrokes she captures agility and suppleness, while holding firm, in the frame, its imposing character. Finally, she tempers violet’s frostiness with a touch of golden copper that seems to put a finishing touch to this narrative in silk.

Painted by hand in Milan, “Fiori Viola” takes up to four weeks for delivery.

Dimensions: L 128 H 148 / H 50 L 58 inches

From Our Curator

Our View

A lady in every sense of the word, Claudia Franco resident of Milan has a passion for her work. It moves her to the core, her creative impulses providing a lifeline that permits her to take a blank sheet from which emerges a story expressed in dramatic hues and shapes each one unique and lovely.

Claudia’s hands do all the work; they transform inert materials into oeuvres that stir the soul and stimulate all the senses. “Fiori Viola” is one such piece; a breathtaking work of art that is a joy to wear!

A colour that once upon a time was the purview of nobility it matches beautifully with shades of pink and rose, even dark greens. So why not tie it loosely around your neck to channel that chic look championed by Grace Kelly.

About the Designer

Claudia Franco

Since her early years in Lecce and Turin Italy, Claudia Franco has been enthralled by the touch and feel of textiles, seduced by their colour and inspired by their natural beauty. Mastering the traditional techniques including Shibari, fine-tuning the old method of fixing steam by angling pots, Claudia added her elegant touch of her paint brushes on pure silk.

“One does not work on silk, one works with silk,” says Claudia. “Silk is a living thing; it guides you and your hands, and together in spiritual union, thousands of colour shades emerge.”

A relationship so heartfelt, respectful and intense cannot help but create wraps, scarves, foulards, and tunics that enchant everyone from discerning clients to overly demanding art gallerists.

In her workshop in Milano, where she has resided for many years, Claudia Franco now creates an exclusive line for The Italian Collection (TIC).


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