Ponge Silk Scarf “Volti e Fiori”


Ponge Silk Scarf “Volti e Fiori”


The cocoon of friendship, “an intimate chat, secrecy, confessions and trust” is at the heart of Claudia Franco’s “Volti e Fiori” in pongé silk.

Tantalising shades of soft blue evoke profound happiness when glancing at the faces of cherished friends; while that sense of trust comes to the fore in an unmistakable shade of intense brown.

A flourish of petals in a vibrant hue pays tribute to kinship that she holds most dear.

“Volti e Fiori” is as lovely as the story she tells; but she takes about four weeks to paint.

Dimensions: H 65 L 210 cm / H 26 L 83 inches

From Our Curator

Our View

A resident of the epicentre of design, Milan is both Claudia’s home and her muse, and it is where we caught up to talk about the capsule we are so proud to show.

The essence of “Volti e Fiori” which translated means “faces and flowers” stems from Claudia Franco’s deep sense of self, and her profound embrace of life. She believes love is what makes the world go round, and who are we to argue with a tried and true philosophy that resounds so loudly in each and every one of her marvellous silk canvases.

Claudia shows her true colours in this gorgeous scarf that rekindles a warmth and tenderness. Indeed, her lovely scarf will enhance your experience each time you choose to cocoon yourself in its beauty.

We love “Volti e Fiori”! We know you will cherish her too.

About the Designer

Claudia Franco

Since her early years in Lecce and Turin Italy, Claudia Franco has been enthralled by the touch and feel of textiles, seduced by their colour and inspired by their natural beauty. Mastering the traditional techniques including Shibari, fine-tuning the old method of fixing steam by angling pots, Claudia added her elegant touch of her paint brushes on pure silk.

“One does not work on silk, one works with silk,” says Claudia. “Silk is a living thing; it guides you and your hands, and together in spiritual union, thousands of colour shades emerge.”

A relationship so heartfelt, respectful and intense cannot help but create wraps, scarves, foulards, and tunics that enchant everyone from discerning clients to overly demanding art gallerists.

In her workshop in Milano, where she has resided for many years, Claudia Franco now creates an exclusive line for The Italian Collection (TIC).


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