T I C Private Label

A decade since our founding, The Italian Collection creates its first capsule of bijoux under its own brand name.  A longtime dream that has become a reality thanks in large part to passion and experience in the world of “alto” Italian craftsmanship by co-founders Cristina and Myriam.

Introducing The Italian Collection Private-Label – Contemporary Jewellery, a capsule designed by Milan-based Lucilla Giovanninetti that speaks to the tradition of the handmade in Italy. In featuring these beguiling musings in bronze, we juxtapose clean and minimal modernism with a rugged time-held casting technique.

Every piece, bracelet, earrings and necklace-pendant has been designed in direct collaboration with expert artisan designers and made using the ancient method known as “cera persa” or “lost wax casting.”

Be you a traditionalist, a classic or a little more bohemian, the beauty of our jewellery is that it is made to be worn; made to be integrated into your personal life. Jewellery is like a personal talisman, performing alongside you, telling a story, narrating your style and unique identity. 

So really take on being you, create your story with your talisman.