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Thoughtful Dressing

Celebrating self in our daily rituals

The daily ritual, to look inside our closets in search of something to wear, is a deeper search for self-hood than we often realise. What does it mean then when nothing in a closet appeals? Is it a reflection on the contents or a harsh critique of the self?

Linda Grant

Linda Grant, author

“For centuries, an interest in clothes has been dismissed as the trivial pursuit of vain, empty-headed women. Yet clothes matter whether you are interested in fashion or not, because how we choose to dress defines who we are. How we look and what we wear tells a story.”
– Linda Grant, British author of The Thoughtful Dresser

Meditate for a moment on this elegantly said truth about our relationship with our wardrobes, and the significant role our clothes play in the public expression of our identity.

No matter our thoughts on our lovely brocade skirt, fun espadrilles or smashing knit cashmere top; the time consuming effort of choosing the day’s ensemble is worth every moment. After all, what better canvas is there to present ourselves to the world than our fashion – an aesthetic vision that reflects our unique personality?

Wardrobe of a Thoughtful Dresser

Walk-in wardrobe

Cristina and I, as our website would attest, are telling our own story of thoughtful dressing. Simply named The Italian Collection we spend countless hours in search of accessories, far removed from the norm, each one ingrained with what we hold dear – style, elegance and charm.

The protagonists in this soulful narrative are like-minded artisans whose sublime expressions often find their way from mother to daughter, aunt to niece. Timeless heritage pieces imbued with their maker’s fingerprints heightening their personal value and preciousness.

MVA, Nuzzi, Luccarini Assemblage

Mixing and matching with artisans Ornella Bijoux, FedoraMi, Nicola Luccarini

Of note there is Maria Vittoria Albani – she makes sparkling baubles informed by the splendours of Mother Nature with a keen eye for beauty.

Venetian Glass Necklace by Ornella Bijoux

Venetian Glass Necklace “Star Burst” by Ornella Bijoux

Venetian Starburst Necklace by MVA

For the sophisticated woman on the go, Valentina Nuzzi offers highly functional chic clutches, small bags and totes that accommodate their stylish demands.

Nuzzi Ilora Bag
Ilora Shoulder Bag by Valentina Nuzzi

Our maestro of cashmere, Nicola Luccarini, sculpts exquisite capes, coats and scarves that add a splendid layer of warmth during the cooler months.

Cashmere Poncho by Nicola Luccarini
Cashmere Poncho by Nicola Luccarini

In all, each one of our artisan partners speaks up for Italy’s tradition of craftsmanship and creative kudos.

And so, just like Linda Grant, whose eloquent essay espousing the importance of looking ones best touched our hearts, TheItalianCollection too celebrates the murmurings of style and elegance through beguiling accessories that make dressing up a thoughtful, joyful event. Pop in often – we have lots to show you and many stories to share as time unfolds!

Myriam and Cristina


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