What is Bon-Ton?

What do Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Tilda Swinton have in common? Let us take you back to the 16th century to explain how the Italians came to define and know that special something, which the French call, Bon-Ton.

Galeazzo Florimonte, a bishop, was the first to write a tome on the subject of proper civility and etiquette. After him came, Father Giovanni della Casa, another member of the clergy, who was so inspired by the work of the bishop that he penned his own literary work in 1558, roughly translated as, “Customs and Manners by Galateo.”

Father Giovanni della Casa
Father Giovanni della Casa defined Galateo and Bon-Ton in 1558

This piece greatly influenced behaviour in the palaces and courts throughout Europe. Today, the Italian term “Galateo”, like its French counterpart, “Bon-Ton” refers to a code of politeness, and gracious living.

Bon-Ton: A fashion style born in the 1940s and 1950s respectful of two guiding principles, high-class and femininity. Just think of Audrey Hepburn donned in Givenchy!

Many faces of Audrey Hepburn

We at The Italian Collection are deeply committed to the principle of Galateo (or Bon-Ton) as we represent, in our collection, a style rich in graciousness, refinement and femininity. Our Nicola Luccarini is an artist and designer who instinctively understands colour, design and material, which shows in his ultra-feminine cashmere line.

Luccarini and Nuzzi paired
Cashmere Poncho by Nicola Luccarini paired with Ilora Bag by Valentina Nuzzi

Nicola’s capes and coats perfectly capture the Galateo paradigm. Why not wear them with another Bon-Ton classic, the impeccable leather bags by Valentina Nuzzi. Her designs satisfy our client’s innate desire to be stylish and modern, but in a classic manner.

Pair this with the labour-intensive, top-notch leather belts by Roberto Pansa for San Giorgio, and you will add true elegance to your multilayered look this season and the ones that follow.

Pansa belt paired with Nuzzi V-Bag
Chestnut Leather Belt by Roberto Pansa paired with Fedorami V-Bag by Valentina Nuzzi

In all our products, high-class and femininity prevail, but what distinguishes them is an extraordinary, simple-seeming beauty that is achieved by a rigorous, hands-on craftsmanship and well-thought-out-detailing. It is in this elegant, simple beauty, that we find the hallmark style inherent in the works of our distinguished group of designers.

Truly great design seems effortless; but actually, it evolves from painstaking effort and a lifetime of skill.

Nuzzi glitter bag paired with MVA
Teodora Glitter Clutch by Valentina Nuzzi paired with Fan Motif Necklace by MVA

Discerning consumers who know a product’s provenance are our best clients. At The Italian Collection, we strive to satisfy our customers’ urge for artisanal, one-of-a-kind wearables.

Myriam and Cristina

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