Have you ever been fortunate enough to take a leisurely stroll along the streets of Rome, Milan, or Florence?

Cobbled Streets of Milan, Italy, Brera District

If so, then you likely peeked inside small boutiques showing beautiful accessories, like bags, bijoux, or elegant cashmere capes. Perhaps, at the time, you did not, or could not, indulge. Or maybe you have yet to experience, first hand, the wonder of an Italian boutique.


Cobbled Street in Rome, Italy

Cobbled Street in Rome, Italy

Take heart.  You can always take a “virtual stroll” through the pages of theitaliancollection.com; a par-excellence, made-in-Italy e-boutique where you can purchase masterpieces made by the nimble hands of veteran artisans.

Cobbled Street in Milano, Italy

Off the beaten track, Milan, Italy

theitaliancollection.com was created by two lifelong friends who found their ambitions entwined. Myriam Altieri was originally from the northern Italian region, Fruili, and, Cristina Ghisolfi, was born and bred in Milan, which is the capital of the world of fashion.

Myriam, a U.S. resident for 20 years, had a dream born from her own longings to bring more fine Italian artistry to her adopted home. Cristina knew and worked with both aspiring and experienced artisans in Italy, who were looking to bring their quality, hand-made work to a broader market.

So, the two women, united by both their profound friendship and their love of “il bello e ben fatto,” decided to bring the elegant, timeless style of Italian handmade fashion to foreign markets. And, more specifically, to their niche American clients that eschew mass produced fashion in favour of high quality, custom-crafted adornments.

Myms & Cri at Prada Foundation, Italy

Myriam and Cristina, Prada Foundation, Milan, Italy

theitaliancollection.com launched in 2010 with a mission to replicate the experience and spirit of those small boutiques along the cobbled streets of Rome, Milan, and Florence. A virtual stroll through our marketplace reveals exquisite costume jewellery, bags, belts, scarves and precious cashmere capes.

What you will notice throughout is this rare combination of uniqueness and high quality that allows one to create a signature look imbued with a touch of sophistication, no matter the occasion or season.

Each item is special ordered, since it is either an original, custom made, or in limited stock; however, it is delivered within a few weeks. Order costs include import duties and international shipping, and we are so pleased to be able to offer these high-quality, time-defying designs at an accessible cost — made possible by the direct-buy relationship Myriam and Cristina have with the artisan-makers.

“For us The Italian Collection is an immense source of pride,” says Myriam Altieri.

It represents our roots, our traditions, an artistic bent recognised around the world, and our very culture.

“High-quality artisanship is the tip of the diamond,” adds Cristina Ghisolfi . “This well-respected segment was almost forgotten for years, but it is rising once again to its righteous place in the world of finesse. We are so happy that we are able to play a role in supporting what is uniquely Italian. Our business was born thanks to the demand of our clients and the passion of our artisans, and we are delighted to serve and bring these people together.”

Let us connect you with the creative work of Italy’s finest artisans. Take a stroll with us at theitaliancollection and join us on Facebook for a daily flavour of all that is Italian beauty.

Myriam and Cristina