Claudia F by Claudia Franco

Milan-based Claudia Franco describes herself as the daughter of immigrants from Lecce”. She shares proudly We are tireless workers, and we live to love with all our hearts.”

A sentiment that shows up in her work of masterpiece scarves in silk, each and every piece showcasing an infinite affection for her craft and, a superb understanding of the nuance of colour.

Claudia s appreciation of texture and textiles dates back to her childhood when her beloved aunt who taught her about the needle and thread; a skill she has brought along on her journey of life with silk.  Along the way she picked up other skills too, like the Japanese technique of Shibari” that she applies when making her silk scarves.   

Claudia tells us,Silk is a living fibre.  One does not work on silk; one works with silk. It guides you; it steers your hands, it becomes a spiritual union”.  A quintessential artisan, Claudia uses simple tools, a brush, a sponge, a roller; each one helps create original silk scarves with a lightness of being”.   Hypoallergenic water colours are her only option to paint splendid colours that tell stories of experiences had, and emotions felt. 

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