In a postindustrial district of Milan, where 1920s architecture holds sway and creative types have clustered, we find Lucilla Giovanninetti. At the door of her workshop she welcomes us, her radiant smile a sunflower in full bloom, and a face, kind and gracious, the essence of refinement.

An artist of contemporary jewellery, Lucilla exudes a deep passion for her craft; her formidable talent, a constant for more than 20 years, rivals the most sophisticated Italian and international connoisseurs.

A native of Bergamo, Lucilla inherits her grandmother’s (a well-known painter) love for artistic design and materials. Acting on this first love she goes to university for art school after which she jumps into teaching history and jewellery-making in the most prestigious schools of design in Milan. But her training does not end there. In 2008, she enrolls in Milan’s Goldsmith Academy “Accademia di Arte Orafa” where she crafts metals, explores enamelling, and probes into old metallurgical techniques including the most difficult and complex — lost wax casting — “cera persa” used by sculptors to create their prototype forms.

The culmination of all this study bears fruit as Lucilla launches her jewellery brand “Eandare,” in 2010.  “Everything I do starts with inspiration. I look, and observe attentively, engraving in my heart and mind different forms and sensations…”

TheItalianCollection_Limited-Edition delights in showing a handpicked selection of Lucilla’s bracelets, earrings and necklace-pendants in finely polished natural bronze cast using the lost wax method.  Worn as complete sets or as single pieces, these amorphous-shaped pendants look good hanging from bronze chains, leather strips or pinned to a gorgeous silk scarf.

Be you a traditionalist, a classic or a little more bohemian, the beauty of Lucilla’s jewellery is that there is no hard and fast rule on how to wear it!  So have fun and dare to be different with “Eandare” … that simply means, “off we go”.

The Collection

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