A Personal Message From Milano

Our personal message of hope, better days ahead, and always looking on the bright side of life is not so easy to pen.

Cristina who is in Milan has been cocooned since the beginning of March; Myriam who is stateside since almost the end of March.  The words, “stay-at-home,” “social distancing,” and “self-isolation” are etched into our consciousness.  Washing hands has become the dominant mantra and understanding that vigilance is helping keep the dreaded virus at bay.

From New York to New Orleans, Milan to Munich to Melbourne our life as we knew it has been put on hold.  Our inboxes and social media feeds are full of anecdotal advice, well-meaning, kind, humorous, and also frightening. Funny videos with clever ditties make us smile.  Others of medical professionals on the front lines bring us crashing down to earth with their pleas of “help us, help you.”

Quarantine for our safety. Photo Credit Unsplash Markus Winkler Quarantine for our safety. Photo Credit Unsplash Markus Winkler

In the beginning, staying put felt so strange.  It seemed surreal, like we were living in some sort of science fiction bubble. Difficult to give words to our feelings; to that sense of flatness, a simmering fear, an angst in the pits of our stomachs.
Living In A Bubble
Are We Living in a Bubble? Photo Credit Unsplash

But, like other times when struck by adversity, we hunkered down, adjusted to the new challenges and, having faced them valiantly, have come out on the other side changed. We are now stronger in our convictions and wiser for what we have learned about ourselves.

Change is inevitable
Breathe Change. Photo Credit Unsplash

Cristina and Myriam, our co-founders are staying the course.  More than ever we believe in our mission of supporting Italy, and her makers of fine things.  Our story that celebrates a decade of being in business speaks for itself.  We have not wavered in our ferocity, in our commitment, in our determination to continue being a platform for the unique, just a few items of each, made slowly, with grace and with passion.

Enduring and Iconic Made in Italy.

Giorgio Armani, perhaps one of the most beloved Italian designers who is a beacon of resilience remains forthright in his conviction that beautiful things take time.  They cannot be rushed because they need time to be made, and appreciated.  We agree with him.

And so here we are, united in our quest to continue to be part of a slow, sustainable movement that emphasizes authenticity, less is truly more, and being mindful of how we shop, why we shop and who we shop.  And here we are together in our hopes and dreams for a better, brighter, safer and more nurturing future.

We will be okay!
We Will Be Okay! Photo Credit Dayne Topkin UAYKsfnjkW0 Unsplash

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay with us.

Cristina and Myriam



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